Compare with teachers from different European countries with Community of Practice P2T!

mei 8, 2024

For some teachers, establishing fruitful communication with parents from different cultural backgrounds can be challenging and confusing. This is where the P2T steps in, offering support to educators and enabling them to explore various resources to facilitate dialogue with migrant parents.

The online platform of the project – the Community of Practice – was designed to assist kindergarten and elementary school teachers in deepening their understanding of migrant parenthood. Within the COP, users can access different sections, each offering unique insights:

Best Practices: This section contains all the best practices regarding the engagement of migrant parents collected by project partners in their countries.

Training Modules: These include creative activities to be used in workshop contexts to help bring migrant parents closer to the school.

Events: This is a space dedicated to various online events on the topic of migration carried out by the organizations involved in the project.

Forum: A virtual place for exchange and discussion where teachers can address certain questions or suggest new conversation starters to engage with colleagues from other European countries.

At a meeting held in April in Athens, along with all the partnership members, it was decided to organize a series of online events in the coming months to introduce the platform to teachers and explore together perspectives and solutions to strengthen the relationship with foreign parents.

If you are a teacher and would like to learn more, sign up for the Community, check out the different sections, and don’t miss the opportunity to interact with other colleagues interested in building a more inclusive school!

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