April 13, 2023

Migrant parenthood represents an increasingly present reality in today’s society. This condition, often characterized by difficulties in integration and communication with schools, requires special attention from institutions and professionals in the field.

On 21 and 22 March, the partners of the P2T-Community project met in Innsbruck, at Compass GMBH headquarters, to participate in a training on the school/family relationship. During the various meetings held, the focus was mainly on the launch of practices and activities that can favor and facilitate the integration of migrant parents in European schools.

Several teachers from the countries of the partnership also took part in the two-day training course. Their presence, together with that of the various trainers and researchers involved in the project, allowed reasoning and deepening of the activities carried out. In fact, teachers discussed the good practices existing within their school context, giving to the various partnership organizations the opportunity to rethink the proposed activities in light of what was told and shared.

Therefore, the modules presented, elaborated by the host organization, were analyzed and revised so that all partners can start organizing the workshops in their own cities. In fact, in the following months, 8 workshops addressed to migrant parents of children in kindergarten and primary school will be held in Palermo, Innsbruck, Athens, Ljunljiana and Menen. These parents, who very often suffer from the distance and the communicative gap existing between them and the school, will have access to an exploring path into the school world, by participating in the activities and sharing their experiences with expert trainers. The goal is to tranform the school into a meeting and exchange place where a process of inclusion can be real.

Furthermore, partners and teachers had the opportunity to visit a very interesting school in the center of Innsbruck. The school’s teachers shared with the visitors the educational commitment they try to carry out everyday, explaining that the school is mainly frequented by foreign children, with whom the school staff tries to structure inclusive educational paths, aimed at exchange and continuous dialogue with diversity.

P2T COMMUNITY – PARENT INVOLVEMENT OF MIGRANT CHILDREN is funded by the Erasmus + KA2 Partnership in Adult Education Programme.


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